Our Civic Association

Thank You

Our civic association is made up of volunteers that donate time away from their families to better our community. Without them, all of these events we enjoy every year would not be possible! If you would like to join this fun and exciting team, please contact us!

  • Officers

President: Dale Antosh
Vice President: Brian Hydock

Secretary:  Sandy McNeely
Treasurer: Carol Farley
Webmaster :  Terri Klein

  • Board of Directors

Bernie Owens        Jean Ferrante       Fred Pumphrey
                Sherry Antosh    Kathleen Caywood     

     Marian Taylor         Marvin Marks          Dan Fellner       

            Jackie Dickerson        Lori Walker          Ed Dickerson                

 Jackson Miller         Paul McGowan      Vic DeMattia

    Cricket Bowie          Smoker Bowie          Hobie Weimer

      John Myers            Mike Holmes           Sandy Holmes

        Christina Kelly         Jamie Bricker          Angie Francingues